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I am on a mission to find, try and document the absolute best recipes for country style ribs that I can put my hands on.  I am going to barbecue, smoke, grill, bake, stew and slow cook these things until I am in a country style rib stupor.

Barbecue Country Style Rib Recipes

Country Style Ribs

This is what it’s all about!


Baked Country Style Rib Recipes


Slow Cooker Country Style Rib Recipes


There are at least three different cuts of pork being marketed as country style ribs.   Originally this cut was identified with the boney  rib end of the pork loin.  While you can occasionally still find this cut today the majority of what you will find is actually a pork shoulder that has been sliced into manageable portions.  I like this cut since I don’t have to deal with the whole shoulder (butt) which can easily come in at over five pounds.  There is enough fat on this cut that, unlike a loin roast, there is actually some natural pork flavor going on.  Check out this page that explains things a little better with some good pictures.